Dr. Amit Kumar
Associate Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Bihta 
Ph. N0-06115-233-124 (office)
Email: amitkt@iitp.ac.in:amitktiitk@gmail.com
Assistant Professor-IITP: 25th Sept. 2013-4th Dec.2019
Ph.D. IIT Kanpur:2003-2008 (Prof. Y.D.Vankar)
Postdoc: CCNY-New York, USA 2008-2009
               University of Konstanz, Germany 2010-2012
               BBRC-Bangalore 2012-2013.
Orcid Id: 0000-0002-1683-7740

Invited talk/Symposium/Conferences:


  1. Webinar@ICarE  Meeting-18th Dec.2020.

  2. Webinar@NIT Manipur, 7-10th Nov.2020.

  3. Webinar@Salidha Collage, 30th Aug. 2020.

  4. Invited talk@CUSB 18-19th March. 2020.

  5. Invited talk@ICOC, Goa 7-10th March. 2020.

  6. Invited talk@ICCHD-Kolkata 9-11th Jan. 2020.

  7. Invited talk@ OCS- Lucknow. 13-15th Sept. 2019

  8. Invited talk @ 25th ISCB International Conference (ISCBC-2019) from12th-14th January, 2019, Lucknow. 

  9. Invited talk @ National Bioorganic Chemistry Conference (NBCC) 22-24th December-2018, NISER Bhubaneswar.  

  10. Invited talk @ International Seminar on Green Chemistry: Synthesis, Processing & Devices April 6-7th , 2018, Department of Chemistry  VKS University, Ara. 

  11.  Invited talk @ Enhancing New Innovation and Challenges in Nano, Chemical and Biological Sciences – 2018 (EICNCBS-2018), 16-18th Feb. 2018, Tata Nagar.  

  12. Invited talk @ Applications of green chemistry in the remediation of the environment   from 12 -14th  Jan  2018, Darbhanga, Bihar.  Oxidative Functionalization: A Green and Efficient Synthetic Tool for the Synthesis of Functionalized Organic Molecules.

  13. Invited talk @ Emerging Chemistry and Biology of Carbohydrates 18-20th Dec. IIT Kgp.  A Promising Synthetic Route for Glycoside Bond Formation.

  14. Invited talk @ XVIII NOST Conference, August 24-27, 2017 IISER Bhopal. Oxidative Functionalization of Heteroarylimidate Benzylic C-H Bonds: En Route Synthesis of Functionalized Organic Molecules-

  15. Invited talk @ An International Conference on New Frontiers in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biology, 14-16th Nov. 2016, Delhi University, India. OrganoCatalyst: A Promising Synthetic Tool for Oligosaccharide Synthesis"-

  16.  Invited talk @ 30th Carbohydrate Conference- University of Pondicherry 29-31st Dec. 2015. Constrained Bicyclic Molecules as Glycosidase Inhibitors.  

  17. Invited talk @ International Society of Chemical Biology-Conference-2015, CDRI- Lucknow, 25-28th Feb. 2015. Some Application of Directing Group in the Synthesis of functionalized heterocycles.

  18. Invited talk @ International Society of Chemical Biology-Conference-2014, New Delhi, 1-4 March 2014. Exploration of Acid-Base Catalysis Concept in Glycosidation.