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  • CH-101 (Chemistry for 1st year B.Tech.)

  • CH-102 (Chemistry for 1st year B.Tech.)

  • CH-110 ( Laboratory for 1st year B.Tech.)

  • CH-203 (Organic Chemistry, B.Tech.)

  • CH-301 (Industrial Chemistry, B.Tech.)

  • CH-307 (Analytical Techniques in Chemistry, B.Tech.)

  • CH-308 (Dyes, Paints and Pigments, B.Tech.)

  • CH-423 (Principles of Organic Chemistry, M.Sc)

  • CH-424 (Reagent and tools in organic Chemistry, M.Sc)

  • CH-430 (Organic Chemistry  Lab, M.Sc)

  • CH-523 (Concept in Organic Chemistry, M.Sc)

  • CH-704 (Art in Organic Synthesis, M.Sc, and Ph.D.)

  • CH-708 (Application of Glycochemistry, M.Sc, and Ph.D.)

  • CH-609 (Reagents for Organic Synthesis-M.Sc, and Ph.D.)

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