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External Projects from 2014 onwards:


1.Application of Glycosylimidates in the synthesis of glycomimetic molecules under visible light conditions. SERB, New Delhi -2024-2027-59.50 lac.

2. Amides and Imidates a Versatile Synthon for Organic Chemists: A Synthetic Exploration for Biologically Relevant Functionalized Organic Molecules, Scope and Mechanism. CSIR- New Delhi,  2021-2024 (16.5 lac).

3. Glycodiversification: Design and Synthesis of Biologically Important Conformationally Constrained NonClassical Bicyclic Sugars via Activation of C(sp3)-H bonds. SERB, New Delhi -2020-2023-43.0 lac.

4. Functionalization of the Carbohydrates: Designing New Strategies for the Synthesis of Natural and Modified Sugars via Metal Catalysis. SERB-DST- 24.80 lac, 2015-2018


5. Imidates: A New Class of N-H Directing Group for C(sp2)-H Activation and Tools for Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Heterocycles. CSIR-DELHI-21.96 lac 2015-2018

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